GRC 175de Web Design & Publishing 1
Assignment 1
Web Sites Survey





Second Generation

Web Site Example

USS Adventure

The USS Adventure is a "Star Trek" tribute site that shares an original story written by a fan. In addition to being will organized and easy to read, this site is set up so the title and description load first, so visitors know exactly what they will be seeing.

Scream Tribute

This site is so elegant. it looks like something you would expect from a major motion picture studio, rather than from one of the movie's fans. The gateway is beautiful,easy to read.and quick to load, it also does double duty as the home page with links to the site's contents,contact information for the page author,and more.


Third Generation

Web Site Examples

Pet Sitting

This Web site of a small pet-sitting service. is about as helpful as a Web site can be, with articles about pet health, grooming, and anxiety. plus recipes and a free newsletter, A bonus is the site's layout, Its designers used tables to or organize a large amount of information into a workable structure.

Yahoo!'s Advanced Web Search page offers easy-to-use drop-down menus that help you refine your serches.